On Grid or Grid-Tie Solar Power System

ON – Grid systems (Grid-Tied) are mini power plants connected to the utility power grid, these systems are less expensive as battery banks are not required in their set up. They have less maintenance and are most efficient. However any existing battery banks can also be connected to the system and charged.

These systems are dynamic as the entire production is consumed either at the user’s end or sent back to the grid. Net metering will also help user’s to get faster rate of return on their investment.

We recommend Grid-tie system for industries, hospitals, colleges, and large houses - were the entire load cannot be converted into solar, due to investment and space constraints. For Dynamic load management and a very flexible system. On Sundays and holidays feed energy to the grid.

Solar Home Inverter or Off Grid Solar System

Ideal for places with more than 6-8 hours of power cut during a day.

Off – Grid systems are best suited for homes and small offices.They use battery banks, which are charged by the solar energy produced by the panels. Optimum capacity for Off- Grid solutions that we recommend is 2 KW or 3 KW.

This helps decrease or nullify user's dependance on the grid. Highly recommended if you have power outages for more than 12 hours in a day or if you live far away from the grid (remote locations).

We recommend Off-Grid system for light loads: home and small offices. Our inverters are fully automatic and can handle both lighting and computer loads.

Solar for Home and Small Offices
Solar for Large Offices, Colleges and Factories
Intelligent Solar for Large Home and Small Offices with few hours of power cut




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All our products are CE certified and meet MNRE requirements.